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The little island of Kaua‘i has been in the world's spotlight lately, with its communities divided and torn over modern agriculture and environmental issues. KUGA's agriculture division, West Kauai Farms, aims to grow shalom (peace) and aloha (love) through sustainable farming to bring education opportunities, jobs, and healthy food to the people of the Garden Island.

What is Shaloha?

God’s design for and delight in the world are embedded in everything we see: order, peace, relationships, stewardship, love, beauty, and rhythm. These are the essential foundations for Shaloha, “the way God designed the universe to be.” Both the people of Israel and the people of Hawai‘i have used these words, Shalom and Aloha, powerfully, as a way to greet, bless, and direct others towards God's original intent. May we pursue and grow Shaloha.

How do you #growshaloha?

About the Cause

The diet of the modern Hawai‘ian culture is not the same as the Hawai‘ians of old, who nourished themselves with homegrown crops and wildlife. Today, food is shipped from overseas. In return for packaged and processed meals, Kaua‘i provides tourism, entertainment, a few fruits, and GMO testing grounds. West Kauai Farms aims to serve Kaua‘i with farming jobs and healthy, fresh food.

By developing a working small-scale agriculture model, West Kauai Farms seeks to expand to a large-scale operation and restore what Akua (God) had planned for the Garden Island. Along with this, the greater goal is to provide a positive environment for youth and others to be in a peaceful place, learn many skills, and grow in God's love.

Learn more at http://www.westkauaifarms.com/